To our beautiful English Setter Breeze,

You will be so missed.  Your wonderful joys and playing are bringing

so many joyous memories that will follow our grief.

We had 15.9 years with you and with our hearts heavy, we had

to send you to the Heavens today.

How many car rides I took through the countryside 365 days

a year that you just loved so much.  I will always remember the music

playing and your love for going in the car.  I was driving our Miss Daisy.

You have earned your angel wings, sweet Breeze.

You are loved so deeply.

We love you with all of our hearts.

Rest well our precious little girl.


Carole, Ken, Brynne and Brandee

Pathway to the Candle Light Rose Ceremony

The Pathway to the Candle Light Rose Ceremony

As we gather together to walk through the pathway to the Candle Light Rose Ceremony in memory of our pets, may we share the tranquility of the trellis of red roses, symbolizing love climbing up and embracing the walls to Beyond Life’s Gateway. Encircling this beauty are white roses of heavenly purity as they mix together with the trailing ivy of greenery.

We encounter the beauty of the yellow roses for friendship and joy. Our friendships unite for the memories of our dear beloved pets that are of all creatures great and small. Upon the approach to this beauteous scene, we look upon the array of pink youthful buds of the roses of gentility.

The coral roses of desire for our pets’ tender caresses mix with the palette of red white roses for all of us in unity to embrace. The serenity sharing of the hands joined in bonding prayer, we walk to our candles and lift our hands in unison. We feel the peacefulness far and wide as we feel our love touching the tip of each candle to enflame.

Written By Carole Miller for all Beloved Ones

Oliver by Diane McCamy / Diane

Oliver was not my personal dog; however, I considered him my “part-time” dog. He actually belonged to my partner, Mike’s, mom Millie. The family got Oliver from a shelter for company for Millie who is elderly and wheel-chair confined.

Oliver was a cute little white dog with a beige line running down his back. Oliver had the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen on a dog; they would melt your heart. Oliver was a loving, frisky, and friendly dog. Oliver was Millie’s protector, friend, and confidente.

I always looked forward to visiting the family as I would get to hug and pet Oliver and give him the treat I would always bring for him. I don’t know how old he was but Oliver past away in his sleep. Not the worse way to leave this earth I suppose and enter Rainbow Bridge.
My heart broke at the sad news of his passing as if he were my own dog. I recently visited the family for the first time and there was that certain something not the same; yet, I still felt his presence silently watching over Millie. Thank you Oliver for coming into our lives and giving unconditional love and joy to all. Hope all is well in Rainbow Bridge.


♥Bridge♥ by Carole, Ken, Breeze and Breena and Brooke (11-7-07) / Carole, Ken, Breeze and Breena and Brooke (11-7-07)

In Loving Memory of our Beloved “Bridge” whose strength and love throughout her lifetime has given us her strength to carry her love within our hearts forever and never will be forgotten. You were the most devoted and loving gentle friend to us and to all who knew you.


You’re giving me a special gift, So sorrowfully endowed, And through these last few cherished days, Your courage makes me proud. But really, love is knowing When your best friend is in pain, And understanding earthly acts Will only be in vain. So looking deep into your eyes, Beyond, into your soul, I see in you the magic, that will Once more make me whole. The strength that you possess, Is why I look to you today, To do this thing that must be done, For it’s the only way. That strength is why I’ve followed you, And chose you as my friend, And why I’ve loved you all these years… My partner ’til the end. Please, understand just what this gift, You’re giving, means to me, It gives me back the strength I’ve lost,
And all my dignity.

You take a stand on my behalf, For that is what friends do. And know that what you do is right, For I believe it too. So one last time, I breathe your scent, And through your hand I feel, The courage that’s within you, To now grant me this appeal. Cut the leash that holds me here, Dear friend, and let me run, Once more a strong and steady dog, My pain and struggle done. And don’t despair my passing, For I won’t be far away, Forever here, within your heart, And memory I’ll stay. I’ll be there watching over you, Your ever faithful friend, And in your memories I’ll run, …a young dog once again.


A “Bridge” Called Love

It takes us back to brighter years,
to happier sunlit days
and to precious moments
that will be with us always.
And these fond recollections
are treasured in the heart
to bring us always close to those
from whom we had to part.

There is a “Bridge” of memories
from earth to Heaven above…
It keeps our dear ones near us

It’s the “Bridge” that we call love.

“My Special Angel”
October 19, 2007

You are my special angel
Sent from up above
The Lord smiled down on me
And sent an angel to love.

You are my special angel
Right from paradise
I know you’re an angel
Heaven is in your eyes.

The smile from your lips
brings the summer sunshine
Tears from your eyes bring the rain
I feel your touch, your warm embrace
And I’m in heaven again.

You are my special angel
Through eternity
I’ll have my special angel
Here to watch over me.

A smile from your lips brings the summer sunshine
The tears from your eyes bring the rain
I feel your touch, your warm embrace
And I’m in heaven again.

You are my special angel
Through eternity
I’ll have my special angel
Here to watch over me.

Here to watch over me.

“The Rose” with love…..


November 7, 2007

Your sistermate Brooke has joined you November 7, 2007. May you both be playing together in health and happiness being reunited again. Both of you will never be forgotten and will live forever in our hearts.


Pooh-Boy by Moma Barbara & Daddy John

My precious loving Pooh-Boy
we miss you sooooo very much!!
Not a day goes by that I don`t reach out for you on my lap!
And not a night goes by that I don`t wake up and
feel you there beside me!! I am sure God is letting you
know how very much you are missed and
how often you are in my thoughts! Pooh-Boy I sit thinking about
all the times you came up to me for a little bit of extra affection
by wanting your water out of the little red cup
in the office that was and still is your favorite cup!

Pooh-Boy I remember the many days & nights
you lay by my side protecting me and being my best friend
when I had all those surgeries
you were always there making me forget how bad I felt
and turning my frown into a smile!
You would have me singing to you remember the one about.
You have a freckle on your lip & you’ re pretty or
the one about those big blue eyes of yours! Oh,

Poohboy my life is so lonesome with with you in Heaven but I know God is
making sure you have plenty of Whiskas Food and
making sure you are happy and not hurting anymore!
Daddy and I are lost without you
because we being there for you feeding you
catching you when you would fall asleep & roll off the couch! You know
Pooh-Boy that is the reason we bought the beanbag for you so if you feel
asleep & fell off it would not hurt our baby!

Yes Pooh-Boy we still miss you terribly!! But I still feel that strong
connection we have because I still feel your presence.
You were our child for 18 wonderful years!
Now I look forward to the day we meet up in Heaven &
you sense me and I sense your sweet spirit!
Oh what a wonderful tender loving moment that will be!!
Just to know I can hold you in my arms again
like my big old baby and
know that we will never be separated ever again!!
All our Love,

Moma Barbara & Daddy John
p.s. Thank you Dear God for blessing me with Pooh-Boy for all those happy


Jake by Kelly

Jake You were are son friend & companion.
Your suffering was brief.
I know you know we were with you.
All the medication you still opened yours eyes & picked up your head.
Your proud gray beard trying to be strong for mommy & daddy.
God took you so fast.
You ran with me in the snow the rain the lakes
you licked away my tears when we lost our baby Saboo & my father.
You were always there. Sleeping is difficult.
You slept at my feet & hogged the bed for 13 years.
Mickey is lost. He looks out the door down the stairs & cries,
there is no comforting him.
He’s lost without “brother” so are we.
So many calls cards & flowers
you were a friend to many & are mourned.
I love you mommy



Midgie by Deana


When I was a little girl my father ran the local Humane Society
which was located behind our house.
We saw alot as kids that other children would never imagine.
Alot of abandoned abused and neglected animals.
Dogs cats skunks racoons etc.
When I was 5 a man came in with a dog and a sack full with
puppies. He was nasty and told my father that he’d better not
refuse to take them or the whole lot would end up in a river!
The mother dog was snapping and snarling but my father saw
something in this dog that touched him and he determined to
make her our family dog.
He had to keep her in the shelter for months and could
hardly get near her. He refused to keep her in a cage.

Sometimes when he’d sweep the floor Midgie as
we named her would cower in the corner and growl ’til Dad
put the broom away. It was evident what she’d been through.
Over time Midge (short for Midgie) developed trust for all
of us children and was moved into our home.
However she also had an affinity for orphans and while she
was still nursing her own litter Dad would sneak in the odd
orphaned baby squirrel or raccoon. She would lean over give
it a sniff and would then nudge one of her pups to make room
for the newcomer. She made the newspapers. We have a picture
of her in the family scrapbook of her in a baby pram with 6
puppies and a squirrel. I wish I had a scanner.
I’d send the picture! She loved them like her own.

It wasn’t long after Midge moved into the house with us we
realized how emotionally demonstrative she was. If she’d done
something wrong and we scolded her she would whine look at
the floor and the tears would literally roll down her snout,
and splash on the floor. And if it was me who scolded her
well that was more than I could handle. I would cry too. And
I’d hug her telling her I was sorry. She’d perk up wag her
tail and shower my face with wet sloppy doggy kisses.

Midge was a small dog and I remember when we moved to a new
neighborhood there was a massive black lab that terrorized
the area. In my whole life I’ve never seen a lab so huge. His
name was Zorro. All the kids in our family were afraid of him,
and we were used to big dogs. As it turned out Midge got sick
of Zorro scaring everyone. So he’d showed up one day doing
what he was best at. Midge ran down off the front porch bark
ing madly nipped him on the back of the leg and chased him
all the way down the street. We were afraid he’d turn on her,
but we laughed to hear him howling trying to get away from
Midge. She came prancing home a few minutes later. I’d never
seen her looking prouder unless she’d just had a new litter.
Oh and Zorro kept to his own neighbourhood for good from then on.
Midge learned how to catch birds as well and would leave a
bird inside the screen door. Us kids would find it in the morning
as we left for school. I think it was Midgie’s way of
giving gifts and for some reason they were always intact.
We were truly blessed to have a dog like Midgie. She enrich
ed our lives and everyone who came in contact with her unless your
name was Zorro.

We lost our beloved Midge on Christmas morning twenty years
ago. She had cancer and had gone blind. I think we all had a
hard time letting her go and I’m sad to say she probably suffered
more than she should have.
Christmas morning we woke up came downstairs and as always
we went to her basket. It was gone. She’d gotten worse in the
night and Dad decided it was time to let our old girl go. To
spare us he left us sleeping. We never got to say our good-
byes. Maybe it was better that way. But I know I’ve missed her
terribly over the years. I still cry when I think of her. I’m
35 and have never owned another dog. I guess in my heart I
have always had a dog. Midge. I still see her tail wagging as
she runs to us to greet us from school. I can still feel her
wet sloppy tongue bathing my face can hear hear bark.
She will always be a part of me.

Rest in peace old girl.

Love Deana


Ralfie by Pauly

Ralfie –
Our *Ralfers-Ralfina*..
You gave to us all Seventeen Sweet Years..
There always through our
smiles and tears…Forget you ever??
Oh No! Never never I will!
Remember you then and for ALWAYS; still.
Until Mum’s day comes
that I’ll close my eyes in sleep,
For your sweet little being-forever I will weep!
Until one day again we will be…Mums and Ralfie.
Together – just you and me..
How much while waiting till then
Mums misses her Grand Eloquent Sophisticated,
*’Lil Lady!*

Nothing can or ever will fill that void in my heart..
amazing how a broken heart
continues to beat!


Muffin by Becky VanCleave

Muffin you brought so much to my life. I can’t even remember
what it was like before you came to live with me.
You were there through all the good times and bad.
The only time you were ever mad at me was after a hair cut.
Even then it didn’t last long.
You would be right back by my side.
When you got sick this last time I thought it
would be like all the rest.
I would go to the vet and get some medicine.
You would be better. But it was not to be.
God decided it was time to end your suffering.
I miss you Muffin. I loved you so much.
I could tell you felt the same.
I look forward to the day we are together again in heaven.

Love always,
Becky VanCleave