by Carole Miller / Carole Miller 2002

The Sounds of Music are a “comfort in our lives”,
With an expression of our loving hearts
for memories we all do share.

Finding peace on “In Memory Of”
Enlightens our hearts with gentleness and tranquility.

Music is a peaceful way inside all
of our lives for
love and giving to others.

We share in perfect harmony
all the love and tenderness
In our hearts for our beloved ones.

Music soothes our pain, our grief
And lends us towards healing
In times of despair.

In times of love and sharing,
We find peace in our hearts
As we listen to the hearts of songs
On “In Memory Of”
Through the beauty of the soothing notes and
Many heartwarming phrases of rhyme.

Feel inside your heart
The comfort and peacefulness of the words from our forever bearing hearts,
Feel inside the flow of the soothing melodies,
Feel inside the warmth of sharing,
with others from the melodic scores
of love and endless memories that beats from our hearts.

Music soothes the soul and helps bring us forever peace and hope.
May we all share in this “Comfort Of Song”…..

Everlastingly in our hearts
as joined together.

The Gifts of Song fills
our hearts and helps bring us tranquil thoughts.
For all the peaceful loving memories
that give us feelings inside……

The “Sounds Of Comfort” on
“In Memory Of” will always be there
for all with tender blessings from our
forever giving hearts of love.

In Loving Memories of All Beloved Ones


Carole Miller