by Cassie Santimaw / Cassie Santimaw

My dog named George and me were so close but my mom and dad got divorced and I had to leave him with my dad. It was ok in till (we, me and my mom lived in C.A. in till 2003) 2003 when I moved to W.I. and my dad was in California.

I missed my dog and dad but on Feb. 28, 2003 he died of old age in his sleep and he died outside. My grandma had the same dog and the dog died sooner. I wish I could have held him for 1 hour but I was in Wisconsin.

The dog was 12 years old in people years and I am 12.
He was going to be 13 in July.
In dog years he was 84 years old wow.


Cassie Santimaw