by Charles and Lori Skaggs / Mom

It’s been almost a year since Tamaya made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge. In those early days after she left us, I wondered how I would make it through the days, weeks, years without her. She was my furbaby for almost 19 years. Just a little gray and white kitten born to a semi-feral barn cat, but I loved her so much. She did so many things with me through the years and traveled to so many places. She was always there for me and I was always there for her, up to the bitter end. She was the one who finally stopped fighting the inevitable as her kidneys failed. It was Tamaya’s wisdom that gave me the strength to make that final decision. It was my husband’s loving arms and tears that got me through those last moments.

In this year, I’ve come to realize that Tamaya really never left me. She is always in my thoughts and she influences my life yet. I know she was the one who led us to Keiko at Cozy Cat Cottage and I know that she instigated my involvement with cat rescue this past year. It was just her way. I’m a little older now and a little wiser. I like to think I’m wiser for knowing Tamaya. I know that I gained many gifts by having her in my life that are worth more than anything money could by.


You're always in my heart.
Until we meet again,
Charles and Lori Skaggs