by Dan and Steve / Dan and Steve

My darling Sydney, how I grieve at your loss today, my heart is so broken and I hurt so very much without you here with me.

What a difficult week it has been for us both and to make the decsions I had to make, that I did not want to make.

Sydney honey, by now I hope you and Shirley are together once again and that you will look out for each other until the day comes that I can be with you both. Louez is hurting also, he is so lost right now without his companions, I feel so bad for him.

I remember the first time I met you that they had you confined and trained to only stay in the kitchen with this little cushion to curl up on and sleep. When you finally came home with me, I said no more of that and set you free to do whatever you wanted.

You sat on the couch or chair with me, you rode in the truck with me sitting on my lap or next to me, we farted together at times, you slept in bed with me. You became my little shadow after Shirley died. You did what she used to do following me and staying by me and now you are gone, my shadow no more.

The canoe trip we took you on last Summer was fun, but a bit too long for you. Though you put up with it just until the very end and said no more I want out now! It was hot that day and I would stop to let you swim or splash water upon you to stay cool.

You loved to eat, even before I came along, I heard about you and that is where your nic name, little piggy came from. You were never too full.

You loved your bowl of corn flakes and milk, twice a day and if you didn’t get it on time you were sure to remind me until you got it HA HA!

You loved to explore, you were the ultimate scavenger. If one did not keep an eye on you, off you went. How many times back in Conn. that the dog pound called to say they had you again! And then in Taylor, I turned my back for a minute and then you were across the street. We’d let you out the back and if you weren’t there, we knew where to look, on the front porch and vice versa, you were born to roam.

When you couldn’t walk no more, that didn’t stop us. I bundled you up in my arms and walked around the block with you. When you could walk, if you couldn’t make it all the way I’d stop and pick you up,
you were never too heavy.

Towards the end, you couldn’t get up the steps at times and so I would pick you up and carry you in or out, I didn’t care, I’d do it all the time.

Thursday Nov 3rd was hard, I guess the Diabetes finally took its toll on you. When I took you in that morning for a recheck, you suddenly went into a violent seizure, totally unexpected, The Vet said that you were dying and so I decided we should end your many weeks of suffering, to try and bring you back would only prolong what was
gonna happen someday soon.

Today your body was cremated, though your spirit lives on and I hope that we meet again someday.

Sydney, it is time to say goodbye for now, I know you loved me and I loved you so very much. You were the most precious, loving, loyal dog I have ever known. I will light a candle in your memory and look after Shirley. May you have all the Corn Flakes your tummy can handle, all the pillows you loved to lie upon, in or around, and feel free to sleep anywhere you want to on the bed.

Until we meet again at Rainbows Bridge, I will always love you my darling sweetheart. Please wait for me.


Forever Yours Sydney, I love YOU!
Dan and Steve