by David and Brenden Moholland / by Ed Pacht
copywright 2003

Christmas puppy, five years ago,
Bundle of fur in time of snow,
Cold wet nose and waggly tail,
Always a friend and without fail.

Always she told us somebody was near,
Because of her bark we didn’t fear,
‘Cause to her people she was a friend,
Giving a warning that’s come to an end.

Day after Christmas, right over there,
Somebody hit her; it isn’t fair.
Why would a person hit her and run
And never own up to what he had done?

My friend is gone and I’ll always miss
Her happy and sloppy doggy-wet kiss.
A good dog like Lady is more than a pet:
A dog and a boy, one happy set.

And now I know when a big boy cries
‘Cause it’s so hard when his dog dies,
And hot wet tears run down my face,
And this boy’s heart has an empty place.


David and Brenden Moholland