by Debbie Akins / Mummy and Kirsty

Snow, my dearest friend,

Kirsty is off to college tomorrow. You should have been here to wish her on her way. She has packed a special picture of you both to remind her of your days together. The house will be so lonely now. I have a new puppy, a Sammie/Huskie mix, not quite you, but after 3 years I thought it was time to try and fill the void that you left in my life. She will never replace you, but I won’t hold that against her. She has hard shoes to fill and is trying so hard to please.
Kirsty and I still miss you like it was yesterday that you were here and although you have been gone 3 years now, tears still
fall like it was yesterday.

We will meet on Rainbow Bridge one day.
Till then keep chasing your tennis balls!
Miss you snow baby…………


Kirsty is off to College with memories of you,
Debbie Akins