by Dottie McClelland / Mommy and Rufus

How could I have ever known what a journey I would take when I was blessed with Rachael and Rufus at 5 weeks old. They were full of life, love and playfulness. While others deserted me, you both stayed constant. What a Blessing! A short 10 years later all 3 of us received the same diagnosis I could never have imagined. After surgery, Rufus and I survived and for 13 months more we battled with Rachael. My heart was breaking and then I would look in her eyes and she was saying “what is wrong mommy, I am okay” and I prayed for her strength and was so thankful that she had no idea she was losing her battle, therefore, her days, right until the last hour were quality, full of walks and hugs and hours spent with her brother and I. I think of you every day and my heart still breaks but I find peace in knowing that we will all be together again one day, watch for us. We love you baby girl.


Thank you for being mine!
Dottie McClelland