by Janet Fowler / Janet Fowler(copyright 2004)

I saw Bridget walking with Jesus, in a land that was fairer than day, and my heart skipped a beat as she ran and started to play. She was grand and beautiful, as the sun shone thru her hair;and then; she turned,
as if too see me standing there.

I’ll never quit thinking of her, how hard to say good-bye. But to know she walks with Jesus, will somehow get me by.

She was cherished in ways, no one could understand; and then all of a sudden she came over and kissed my hand.

I didn’t realize she could see me and then Jesus
looked my way and as I watched them, I thought I heard her say: Dear Lord, this is my Mother, who loved me from the start, and the day I had to leave, it almost broke her heart. I’ll cherish her forever, she was my bestest friend, and one day she’ll walk with you and me and we’ll be together again. He nodded and smiled, and said “Bridget, it’s time for us to go”.

I whispered softly to him, and thanked him once
again, for giving me one last time with Bridget,
My Sweet Little Friend.

Her tail gave a wag, as she pranced by his side, and the tears rolling down my face were impossible to hide.

I’ll never forget that day:
The day My Bridget walked with Jesus in the land that is fairer than day.

I love you, Bridget with all my heart and soul.
Wait for me, I’ll be there as soon as I can.
Always Your Mom


Janet Fowler