by Steve Bateman / Steve Bateman (copyright 2006)

My Buddy

The greatest gift is the one you don’t see,
The gift which comes from the heart of me,
The gift of love is for all to share
All I ask my friend is that you care.
Feed me well and treat me kind,
For a love like mine you will never find
Not even from your human friends
Will you find a love that never ends.

I will never judge the things you do
Nor will I ever make you blue
By your side I will stay until its time to go
For my dearest human, “I love you so”.
I’ll fill your heart with joy and smiles
And together we’ll walk for miles and miles.
I will never falter from this path that I take
I’ll be loyal and true, I will never forsake.

I will patiently sit or lay at your feet,
While on your computer you type, to the friends that you meet,
But once in a while take your eyes from the screen
Then gently touch me, let me know I am seen.
Please know this, my human; I will not be here long,
In just a few short years I will be gone
A lifetime for me is but a moment for you
Please give some more time for this friend who is true.

Look into my eyes, you will see to my soul
Without you, my human, I am nothing at all,
When the time comes and my soul must depart
Your eyes will shed tears; you’ll have pain in your heart
Feelings of guilt will tear at your mind
But my human, you were perfect, you treated me kind.
So waste not a moment, that you may spend it with me
For each moment we share lasts for eternity.


Steve Bateman