by Jess Nepia / Jessie

As I sit here only 3 hours after the passing of my bestfriend, I want to cry. But I have to write this. So I will do that first.

Bluey was not only my pet cat, she was my bestfriend ever since the day I turned 3years old. Now 20, 2001 in 3 weeks, she has gone. 10th February is a day I will always remember.

I remember the day of my 3rd birthday. Mum and dad took me to this farm that my Nana’s friend owned. Elaine was her name. We were looking around at the animals and then she told me her cat had just had kittens 4 weeks prior. And asked if I wanted to see them. She took me over to the step of her front door and there in the corner was a box. I looked in and was amazed to see 5 kittens. Black and white. All cuddled up to their mother. And there in the corner of the box was a grey and white one. Straight away I asked if I could hold the grey one. Elaine looked a bit worried but seeing it was my birthday I guess she thought what the hell. I sat on the step and held my arms out, and she placed this tiny but perfect kitten into my arms. I fell in love. I had a friend. Mum and Dad asked me if I would like to take the kitten home to our house. You bet I did! And that was that. We took her home and I named her Bluey because she looked to have Blue eyes. And that was the beginning of our lifelong friendship.

Elaine told us that Bluey was a boy cat. So as years went by that is what we thought. Until her stomach started moving around. We took her to the vet and she told us that our boy cat was actually a girl and was having kittens. So that was pretty freaky!

I have so many memories of Bluey. She use to go a bit nutty sometimes and at night you could hear her running around the house and scratching the couch. She would aways try and hide in the darkest smallest corners. Or always in boxes or bags. Whenever I was sick she would lie next to me until I was better.

She always knew and helped me out when my parents thought I was pretending. She would sleep at the foot of my bed or under my sheets. She would get in and lay at the end of the bed and in the morning when I would wake up she would be right there against my face, snuggling.

We lived in NZ up until 99 and then moved to Australia where she just loved the heat. She would spend all day in the sun while we were working up a sweat and laxing in the pool.. I always thought she was crazy. She was getting old.

About 4 weeks to this day she started to spend more time inside. Not moving around as much and hardly eating. Last night when I came home dad told me that she didn’t have long. I spent about an hour just laying next to her talking and patting her head. She loved being rubbed behind her ears, and under her chin. And she liked it when I put my head on hers and rubbed with my chin. I told her I didn’t want her to go, but that if she decided to that I loved her and would never forget her.

I came home today from work and she didn’t look too well. Mum and dad decided to take her to the vet. About 10 mins later dad came back and told me that her kidneys were not good and the vet said we could keep her going but she would just be in discomfort. So it would be best to let her go. I went back to the vet with dad and mum was holding her.

Mum and the vet took her into the room and gave her the injection. I was standing at the door but I wouldn’t look. I looked at the walls and all the animal things they had for sale. I heard her meow about 7 times and I could hear the vet saying that it wasn’t hurting her. I quietly said “I love you booboos, and I’ll miss you”. Then I heard the vet say “There she’s sleeping now”. Wrapped up in my grandads blanket, mum gave her to dad while she payed the vet. Dad passed her to me and
I went and sat in the car.

On our way home the song on the radio was that heaven song. “baby your all that I want, when I’m lying here in your arms. I’m finding it hard to believe, we’re in heaven”. I always liked that song. Tears flowed down my face as I held her in my arms like the first day I got her. We got home and mum and dad got out. I just sat in the car alone with her for about 15 mins and cried. Then I took her inside and gave her to dad.

Mum and dad placed her body in a pillowcase and buried her by the carport where she always lay. I’m not too sure if that’s weird placing her body there but that’s what we wanted.. I didn’t go out.

Bluey was my bestfriend. I love her so much and I’m finding it so hard to take in that she won’t be here when I come home from work or wont be there lying next to me when I’m sick, or when I open the fridge. She would always come running when she heard the fridge open. Rubbing against my leg waiting for her food. But I know she will always be here inside of me, and that her spirit will always be around me. Some people may think Oh it’s only a cat! but not to me and my family. I am an only child. She was my sister, my bestfriend. She is a piece of me
and always will be.

God may have her in his keepings,
but I will forever have her in my heart…

I miss you so much booboos.
I’ll never forget you.


Arohatinonui BooBoos..
I Love you
Jess Nepia