by Joanie Ghazarian / Momma

Hi my baby girl, I can’t believe it’s been one year since I lost you! We put up the Christmas tree last night and I really was missing your presence underneath it. Everybody is fine; Nicholas is in second grade now. A while ago in his computer class, he printed out a picture of a cat and he colored it orange and gave it to me as a present, telling me it was you. It really touched me. And Tommy is already 15 months and he loves animals. He would have loved you; you always
were so tolerant of the kids.

Pearl is still around and going strong, but I know she misses cuddling with you, just like I do. How are you? Did you run into Greybutt, yet? Or Tiger? I remember when you and Tiger were kittens together. You two were inseperable!! I took Ruby to the groomers today and they put Christmas bows in her hair! She looks pretty silly. You would laugh, that is, if cats could laugh. Anyway, my sweet angel, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and missing you, as usual.
You’ll always be in my heart…


Love always,
Joanie Ghazarian