by John / John Walter Hartz


I adopted you when you were small
Abused by others, I gave you my all
I took the time to gain your trust
Determined to win you over, was a must.

You soon became another’s companion
My Whatley, tho, became my champion
You were always foremost in my heart
Independent as you were, but always smart.

A tiny waif with lungs of power
Your Meow’s were heard almost very hour
A righteous pain you grew up to become
But my love for you was never numb.

While you grew old and weight was lost
I knew some day your loss would cost
Today I gave you up to God
After 19 years, twas an uneasy nod.

May you rest in peace, your ashes are mine
A token of your devotion, is your shrine
Many hours of happiness you brought
My affection for you was easily wrought.

Now that you’re gone, I hope I did right
Giving you up, to the eternal light
Rest in peace my pride and joy
Your spirit remains, my Felix cat boy.