by Laurie Wingert / “Mommy”

As, I watched helplessly as my sweet Prince was dying this morning I could only feel more love then I ever felt before. Suddenly taken from me as I sat alone on the garage floor with blankets over him to keep him from leaving me sooner I prayed to God please don’t take him from me, but I guess God had other plans for him. He was a beautiful Sable & White 100 pound collie only going on 10. He was my heart and soul, he was always with me as I was with him when he passed on to rainbow bridge. I know my other collie who is 13 and my lemon beagle will miss him. How do I go on, what do I do to ease the ache in my heart. He was good one minute and dead the next. This is not fair! Prince you will always be the love of my life forever and ever and someday we will be together. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET PRINCE!!


"My Sweet Prince"
Laurie Wingert