by Megan Evans-Morris / Copyright 2003 Terracotta Press for Terry Gilbert

Dedicated to the memory of Telina Evans

When a friend leaves,
She is not really gone,
She goes to a magical place.

Where there is no pain,
No worries or care,
Safe within your memories embrace.

Parting is torture,
More than you can bear,
It’s like part of you leaving too.

As you look in her eyes,
She can feel your tears inside,
And knows what you have to do.

There will always be a stool,
Under a night stand,
That’s cozy and comfortable for her.

The flush of a toilet,
Will hear paws rushing,
And that sound of the familiar me-you.

She will run and be free,
And eat some crackers if you please,
Making it known when she desires food.

Telina will live on,
In our hearts, soft and strong,
She knows she was lucky to have you.


Megan Evans-Morris