by Megan

Dixie Girl
February 11, 1990 – March 24, 1998
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

My dearest sister Dixie,

Our time together was all too short, only 8 years. But those eight years, I must say, were the best of my life. You were the best Dixie girl, nothing will ever beat you. I learned so much from you, and I will never forget your compassion, love, and loyalty.

I still remember the day when Mama and Daddy brought you home for me. It was the best day of my life. I may have only been three years old, but I still remember every second of that day, just as if it were yesterday. They traveled all the way to SC to get you. They wanted to make sure they got the best one, and they could not have done any better. And just as I remember the day I got you, I also remember the day I lost you. What a horrible day that was. I still remember Mama telling me what had happened to you, I still remember screaming out “NO! NO! NO!”, and I still remember burying you and planting flowers at your grave. Coming home from school to an empty house with no Dixie
is the worst feeling ever.

Daddy says to tell you hello. He always talks about ya’lls morning routine that you use to have. Him getting ready for work and having conversations with you, and you just laying there listening to him and understanding each word. We all miss you so much. Not a day goes by, where you don’t cross my mind.

You are an aunt now. Did you know that Dixie girl? You have two little nieces who will celebrate their first birthday this Christmas. Hollie and Maisie are their names. I tell them about you all of the time. I only wish that the three of you would of had a chance to meet. I know that you would have been just as special to them as you are to their mommy.

I love you so much Dixie girl. And I will never forget our times together. I look forward to that day where we meet again, and I cuddle you in my arms. Until then, rest in peace Dixie girl.

I love you Dixie from the bottom of my heart
to the depths of my soul,