by Molly Maloney / Molly Maloney October 2015

I rember you my sweet angle boy furry kitten the evening you came to my apartment to live with me. you are a cute loving gray tabby boy kitten.
you liked to cuddle, play, hide and seek. playing with yarn, playing with your toy mice.

You had a nice squeaking voice, with you mews, mews and meows. you greeted me at the hall with your happy mows. Your eyes sparkled at me with a thought in your mind to send to me, did you have a nice day at work. I sent a thought back to you, saying,yes I had a nice busy day at work.

One day in the morning, you be came very ill I had to take you to the vet, you became very skinny under weight. the vet examed you, told me that you had a illness that is making you die. so the only thing the vet could do, put you to sleep so you will not be in pain any more.

Since God took you home, my sweet gray tabby cat Kelly Francis, all I can do is to make a new home for you in my heart. remembering the fun times we had to gather tis is how I will rember you.

I pray to god to have his mercy on me a poor sinner. to let me be re united in heaven with you, my tabby kitten boy Kelly Francis. May God let you rest in peace.

I love you Kelly Francis
Your Mom


Molly Maloney