by Nikki Baker / Nikki Baker 2003

The day I saw you laying there,
with out a breath of life,
I screamed, and cried and said a prayer for you
to come back to me this night.
For you see, you were more than just a pet,
you were my true friend,
my companion, my never ending light.

Just to hold you in my arms right
now would be soothing to my soul.
Because with out you, my baby dear,
I could never be whole.
That’s why at night when I sleep
I hope to dream of you.

To remember all the love we shared,
and each night,
tell you I love you too.
But, since that one dreadful night
when the car stole your life,
It feels as though in my heart
there will forever be a knife.

I know you will wait for me,
and together again we someday will be.
Once I come to you into heaven high above,
I will immediately show you my love.
I’ll scoop you up in my arms
and we’ll cuddle in a warm blanket
like we used to, that’s what I’ll do.
until we meet again, my sweet baby,
until we meet again.


Nikki Baker