by Noreen and Mac

When I had to free my beloved Celtic I felt like

the world was crushing me. I didn’t know how to go on.

Celtic’s beloved companion Mac looked to me not

understanding where she was.

Mac had always been one who didn’t like to be petted

too much or hugged but all of a sudden he was

constantly touching me.

He seemed to find comfort in my touch.

I know that whenever he was scared he would sit or lie

by Celtic but I never realized how much he wanted

comfort from me until he lost her.

I noticed that as the days went on he would always

lie by me or want to sit on my lap.

This was a side of Mac I hadn’t seen before.

Perhaps he realized that we needed to comfort each other.

That with out each other we wouldn’t survive the pain

of Celtic’s loss.

Mac and I spend every moment we can together.

Rarely when I am not working will you see one of us without the other.

We pulled each other through and I know that I cherish every

moment we have. Even though Mac can’t verbalize his feelings for me,

I know that he too cherishs the time we have.

He looks forward to my coming home from work and welcomes

me as if I have been gone for weeks.

No matter what type of day I have when I turn the corner of

our street I can see Mac sitting patiently at the window looking

out for me and a smile crosses my face.

The stress of the day leaves and I am home.

Mac brought me back to life with his gift of love and devotion.

I also found comfort in this site. In-Memory-Of-Pets helped me

through the hard times and allowed me to continue Celtic’s memory

by helping to comfort others who have signed the Guest Book

and Message Board. The dedication of John Carole and Ken

is unbelievable and proves that there are people in this world

who truly care for others.

Without them and my Mac I don’t know how I would have managed.

For this I thank you all from the bottom of

my heart.



Noreen and Mac