Jaeger by Kelly & Patricia Casey / Dad and Mom :)

Jaeger was a beautiful black and white short hair cat. He was the most personable and loving cat I’ve ever had. Each morning he would greet us at the bottom of the stairs, roll over and want his belly rubbed. Whenever I sat in my chair he was right there cuddling and grooming and exposed skin on me. When I took a nap on the couch on my back he was always there right on my chest! If I had a comforter on he would crawl right under and snooze with me. Jaeger also liked to play fetch! I would say “You want to play?”. He would get one of his milk jug rings and bring it to me. I’d throw it and he would retrieve it. He would do this until I stopped throwing it! Jaeger loved me and his mom (but he was really more affectionate with me) and was very loyal. I miss his grooming me, his napping with me and his unconditional love he showed to us. RIP Mr. Jaeger! We miss and mourn you little buddy!


Jaeger's Unconditional Love!
Kelly & Patricia Casey