by Renee Hartman / Renee Hartman

Poor little kitten
She died all alone
No tender mom, no littermates
No warm and loving home

All she knew was pain and fear
Abuse and hunger too
She rummaged in garbage
Slept where ever
People hit her
And holllered “Shoo!”

At night she cowered in the dark
Afraid of being seen
In her miserable short little life
She knew humans were cold and mean.

At last God took pity on her
And called her sweet soul home
To Rainbow Bridge the angel carried her
Forever there to roam.

Still she trembled in fear
And hid from everyone
Even the beautiful angel cats
She trusted absolutely no one.

Then one day the angels came for her
And cradled her with love
Whispered softly “Come sweet one”
Took her to another like her
On wings like snow white doves.

In a flash she understood
The angel’s golden tear
Her mission now
Was to soothe and protect
The new arrival here.

She snuggled close to the frightened kitten
Purred “There’s nothing more to fear
You’re warm and safe at Rainbow Bridge
Welcome Home my Dear”.


Renee Hartman