by Robert Mitchelle / Robert Mitchelle

About Twenty years ago when I was five we were visiting a friend of my dad’s who we still visit down Homestead, Fl. His female sheep dog had a litter of puppies and on that specific date that we visited him, the puppies were all grown up, the pups were mutts, they were crossed with Sheep Dog and I don’t know what the father was, but as a five year old boy when I saw those pups my eyes lit up like Christmas.

My dad has never liked mutts and to be honest with you all he was quite reluctant to take one of the pups offered, but my persistent crying forced him to succumb. I had my dog with me until last Saturday December 28, 2002 when he died in his sleep; he had cancer. My dog “Lobo” was a great dog; he was there for my high school graduation as well as my undergrad. Heck he has been with me for 4/5ths of my life and I thought he may have made it for my graduate school graduation, but that would not be the case.

I miss him a lot, he was grumpy and lazy but that was his personality, and I always found him amazing in his own way but he was a great watch dog, protector, and friend…while I will be purchasing a new dog in the near future probably a bull mastiff, I will never forget Lobo, and I miss him a lot…to all of you who have lost a dear pet my sympathy and prayers…That all do Lobo…


Robert Mitchelle