by Robin (Gizzy’s Mommy) / Mommy

It has only been a little while since you have gone, but each day is so hard for me. I miss you so very much! You were always my favorite little doggie boy – Mama’s Baby Boy! I still can’t believe you’re gone. I can’t even bear to be homw or in our backyard. I come home to an empty house & it stills seems so unreal. I wake up in the morning and look over to your bed as if you’re still there – it’s so hard! But, I know it was time for your body to rest & to go to Rainbow Bridge. You had such a wonderful life & I think you are the one who really resuced me! Thank you for always being such a good boy!
I love you always G!


I'll Always Love You My Gizzy Boy!
Robin (Gizzy's Mommy)