by Sandy / Mommie

Peachie Peach……You were Mommy and Daddy’s little girl, you brought 13 wonderful years of love and joy into our life’s and we thank you for that you were truly an angel.

Daddy misses you so much he says it is to quiet now in the mornings when you would get mad at him for leaving for work and at night he misses your snoring.

You had quite a vocabulary we could carry on a conversation with you, you were so smart we will never forget your words: if I forgot any please forgive me…..ride, ball, treat, meatballs, pizza, ride, Nina, Grammy, Grampy, a Millie (beep beep) Mommy, Daddy, baby, up, down, sit, over, pretty, please, paw, go look, listen, buzz, bath, bad, medicine, uppie, snausages, come, pottie, poopie, peepee, stay, kisses, m b’s.

I will never eat another meatball or pizza again without thinking of you! I will always leave a piece for you ok!

Peachie Roo…..Jakie Poo and Muffin Too, miss their big sister, they say it is to quiet with out you.

Peach, Mommy is sorry I wasn’t there for you to comfort you in you final hours but you will always be in my heart.

You did not suffer in pain you went peacefully,
and for that we are all grateful!


I miss you my white furry friend!