by Sandy Tomlin / Sandy Tomlin created Nov 25, 2006 In Memory of My Dog Shadeaux Who Lost His Battle With Cancer


What’s a year? Just one year.
A very long time without you near.

I still long to hold you and whisper in your ear,
I can’t remember holding you, without shedding a tear.

I go out at night and talk to your star
I wonder if that’s where you really are.

I pray that God will tell you that I love you and miss you
and that you’ll forgive me for what I tried to do.

I tried to save you and hold you forever and a day
I didn’t know that I would loose you that way.

I close my eyes and I see your smiling face filled with love
I hear your bark and I know that you’re at the Bridge above.

I thought a year would help me get over you
But that’s something I can never do.

I love you my Shadeaux My Man and I always will
I’ll always see you and hold you when the night is still.



Sandy Tomlin