by Sue Colley / Mummy

Lucy was born from a litter of 4 puppies,1
puppy Died, after 2 days. Lucy was the
smallest and was being bullied by her
older brother and sister, so was removed.
I started to Hand feeder, all was going well
then at 4 weeks old she refused food. I took
her to the vet, who said she was very small.
She only weighed 10oz. Her siblings were 5
times, bigger and also in weight. She had
bruising on her tummy that only appeared
that day. Vet said it was internal damage
she was so ill but kept fighting, but I was
advised that she would be better being put
to sleep…..Which I did I cannot stop
crying. I loved her so much and will
miss her always…..Why did God give her
to me only to take back!!!I feel anger
towards him, So “Rest in Peace” Lucy. Mummy
Loves you always,
Till we meet again,
Lots of Hugs and Kisses xxxxxxx


Love You Always,
Sue Colley