by Vince Ryan / Dad

Tigger the Gerbil was only in our lives for a short time. We picked him or should I say he picked me at the local pet store. I looked in the gerbil cage at a dozen or more little gerbils all running frantically, I was actually going to pick up and look at another gerbil when Tigger ran up my arm. He ran up my arm and perched on my shoulder as if to say “Ok I’m here lets go home” What could I do? I took the little guy home with me. He loved running around on the floor “in his playpen area” and sitting with me eating his treats. Everything seemed fine. Until one day I heard a scream and my wife sobbing oh no oh no. She had accidentally stepped on him! Horrified we rushed him to the hospital. He seemed to be dazed but otherwise ok. No bones seemed broke and Everyone thought he would be ok in a bit.

The vet said he might be sore for a few days so no one expected him to be running around like normal. I went to work the next day and he seemed to be all right. When I came home from work I checked on him. He crawled into my hand gave me a kiss lied down and died. It seemed that his internal injuries were far worse than anyone imagined. I don’t know how he managed to hang on so long. It’s as if he wanted to wait till he could tell me goodbye before he left.

I still miss my little patchwork colored Tigger. He is buried out at my inlaws property. They are selling the property so I thought I would get him and move him to another spot. Today I started digging him up. Right when I reached him I heard a voice telling me to leave him. A voice as clear as a bell. Looking around there was know one there. I know it sounds crazy but I decided to leave him resting where he was Actually leave his body where it was for Tigger is no
longer using his mortal shell.

The moment I started putting dirt back in the hole a feeling of peace came over me. And I swear for a second I saw my little Tigger and felt him sitting in my hand once again smiling his Gerbil smile at me and I heard someone say that we will only be parted for a little while longer. Believe what you will, I write not to convince you
but to relate what happened.

My questions on whether animals go to heaven or not at least for me has been answered in a most profound way. Tigger I haven’t forgotten you and I still miss you. Mom is sorry for what happened and we all wish you stayed with us longer.

Love you, Tiggy.


Till I cross the bridge and find you there,
Vince Ryan