C.C. by Liz / Liz and family

First of all today is June 20, that is the date of my birthday and the day I wrote this. On june 19, my best friend died. My best friend is a cockatiel that I love very much. I loved him more than my family. He was special he would fly to me (only me) when I’d walk through the front door. If I didn’t pick him up he would follow me through the house till I did. He would give me kisses and he was afraid of every other animal in our house including our 2 parakeets we just got.

Well on the 19th we had C.C.s cage on the back porch (it has been out there for 2 months) like always and in the back is a small dog door for our dog, a stray cat got in and got C.C. once my dog heard the screeching of C.C. she ran to the back porch, chased the cat out who still held the bird and chased the cat to the bushy part of the yard. It was dark so my mom couldn’t see. The dog came back with nothing. The next morning my mom went out back to see if she could find C.C. and she did and he was dead. She buried him on the side of the house
where our cat was buried.

I feel like a bad pet owner, and this is the worst birthday in my life. I miss him so much, no bird will ever be able to take his place in my heart.
“We miss you