Cali by Tiffany / Your mommy and sister baby

It’s been a few months since you have passed away, but every night I see you and think of you. I don’t understand why you went away, Liver disease was the cause they said. I felt like it was my fault, you were so young and I love you so much. But I know I took good care of you, your sister baby misses you too, she was so lonely once you left. I still sit and cry the last day in the vet replays in my mind, the look on your face and the way they said D.O.A, I can’t help but cry and pray god is taking care of you. I’ll never forget you no matter what. You used to love to be pampered and played with. I was there the day you were born it was so beautiful, but now you are out of pain and all I’m left with is a memory, but I will see you again one day, and I will always love you. I miss you. xoxoxoxox


Love always and forever,