Cyotey Ugly by Elizabeth / The whole family

Ugly was a beautyful cat that we saved from a mean family. He was smart and awsome and very loving. But one day we noticed he was’nt walking right and he would lay in the exact same spot for hours. My mom was very conserned about him but we had not had the money for a vet at the time. He seemed fine eccept the fact the he could’nt walk, he was eating fine, still wanted to be petted. He was like that for two days, my mom thought maybe he was poisoned. Well on the second night I slept with him above my head, I new it would be my last night with him. The next morning my older brother (who happed to be the oldest) disited to put him out of his missery, he drounded him and berried him on the side of the house, we all miss him so much, he was a cool cat.


We will never forget you
Cyotey Ugly