Cali Cat by Leslie

My Cali Cat

Your fur was soft as silk
and fluffy as could be
You were just a handful
the day that you chose me.
You were the one that came to me
from a litter of four
As I watched you through
the window at a local pet store.

I took you home on the bus
on that very day
And you warmed the hearts
of the passengers
with your feline way.
You slept across the top
of my head and purred
the whole night through
I guess that’s when I realized
that I belonged to you.

You were always full of adventure
and a huntress you would be
I could not count the presents
that you have brought to me.
You were full of love and affection
as I held you for hours each day
And you touched the hearts
of others with your loving way.

You were blessed with beauty
as people would often say
As they watched
while you sunbathed
in your princess way.

You never left my side
when sickness came to me
And whenever I needed love
you were always there for me.
You have always been much more
than just a pet you see
The day I brought you home
you became a part of me.
But now the time has come
for you to leave my world
But you will always be
My Cali Cat mommy’s special girl.


September 11 2000

Letters to the Editor
Times Publishing Company
205 West 12th Street
Erie PA 16534

Dear Editor

The man in the white robe is helping my mommy write this letter for me because he thinks dead kitties can’t write. But I wanted to tell my story so that maybe someone else’s kitty wouldn’t get hurt like me.

Mommy and daddy bought a house out in the country a couple of years ago and boy are there some fun things to do each day. I have birds to chase mice to catch vineyards to explore and once and awhile a goose to chase. I help daddy with the yard work by lying under the apple tree and watching what he does.

I have three sisters at home who are two other kitties and a dog a lady sister at college and a man brother who keeps bringing the real little person with him. Mommy holds the real little person a lot so he must be very special. I should know because she holds him the same way she holds and talks to me.

When we moved to the new house mommy wouldn’t let me go outside she said she was afraid I would get hurt. So we would sit in the window and she would tell me what was going on outside. The big sky thing across the street is to help people who are hurt and need a doctor fast. The big loud things with flashing lights are for people that are hurt and the cars with flashing lights that follow them are the police. There are a lot of those things that mommy and daddy drive and some really really big driving things. I don’t think I ever want to go out front it looks too scary.

The weather started getting nice and daddy would let me go outside with him but when he went in the house so did I. Finally mommy trusted me and let me out when ever I wanted. I would be the last thing she saw when she went to work and the first thing she saw when she got home.

The geese came back the other day but they were across the street. I could hear them in the cornfield mommy was sleeping and there weren’t any driving things out so I went to chase the geese. I saw daddy’s lights come on and I thought I better get home. When the driving thing came so fast and then it left. The big sky thing didn’t come to help me and the driving things with flashing lights didn’t come either. The only thing that came to me was daddy he must have seen me when he went to work. But by then the man with the white robe was with me and now all I hear is mommy crying.

I guess what I need to tell the other kitties is that the only people we can trust are our mommies and daddies. People have all those things to help each other but they are always going to fast to see the smaller things in life or to take a minute to remove us from any further harm. So if you must roam please stay close to home.

Cali Cat Stratton
12/86 – 9/00



Cali Cat
6, Sept 2000