Calista by Cindy & David Anderson / Daddy loves you, too.

My Little Pheonix

Calista my darling little angel
that came to us that fateful day
Out of the ashes you,
Lucas and Lucky came to us broken souls
Your mother, sibling, your human friends all perished in that fire
Off the hood of the fire inspector vehicle
God sent you angels
to teach us to live love and laugh.
Five days old and clinging to life your drive gave us all a view of life we had not previously witnessed – three little bundles clinging
to every breath as if it would be your last.
Feeding times you all sucked in the sides of those baby bottles like you had never eaten before. The vets that were kind enough to offer their services told us it would be a 50/50 chance if you all would live or die – well you all proved the will to live was larger than life itself.

As you all grew and flowered into souls full of life, love and wonderment.As the years passed you became one of my best friends my fur bearing soul mate I learned and loved from you with all your
cuddles of love and gratitude. We found dearest Lucky a loving home and you and Lucas stayed to be a part of the family your brothers and sister Dani, Toby, Buddy and Merlin we all lived and loved together The day God chose to take Lucas was one of the saddest days in my life until the day he reached down once again and took you to join Lucas.

My angel, my darling my days have been empty and lost for meaning since your passing. For over a year I cried and cried until I thought I would go insane with grief than your dear brother Toby became very ill – he like you is a trooper, they say its his kidneys but I think it is partly a broken heart like mine that does not want to mend.

That day you went away, when the vet called and told us you left our world – I did not want to believe it – I came to you and held you and held you and I did not want to let you go, I had this explained that explained but nothing did and does make sense.

All I know and feel is that only once in a lifetime certain things happen and you were one of those once in a lifetime things that no other or anything will ever replace – the place in my heart and sole you occupy was reserved for you and only you –
until God comes for me I will be keeping that place
warm and waiting for you.


All my life and love, Mommy,
Cindy & David Anderson