Hercules by David & Krystal / Mommy and Daddy

He was with us for such a short time but touched our hearts in a way we would never imagine. He was a pet store puppy that came to the clinic I work for and was very sick. The first time I saw him I picked him up and never let him go. He lived for only a week in our home. He fought, he was so strong but his poor little body couldn’t take it.

What a spirit he had inside him. We will always treasure this time knowing that he finally got the opportunity to know what love was.

An always remembered moment that brings a smile and yes still tears to our eyes is when he took his first big walk down the loooong (to him) runner carpet in the hallway. He got to the end and saw the tile kitchen floor. It was all so new to him. He wasn’t sure what to do and than as if to say…if I’m gonna make I better go for it now, he took off, his little legs going faster than ever to make it to the carpet in the living room. The last couple of nights he snuggled with David on his belly.


David & Krystal