Callie by Your Family

In September of 1994 (born 1988) my life changed forever.
This was around the time that the rodeo was in town (as noted).
And at this hotel I was staying at in this small town….
the rodeo was right next to us…
well there was this horse with and injured leg and a stray Calico
or abandoned which I think she was.
She had been kicked by the horse and thrown over a high fence
( which the people at the rodeo did).
So I started to feed her this and that..
She didn’t trust me yet but I knew she would eventually …
finally she let me pet her and pick her up so I brought her home
( after letting the vet check her out for the weekend) ….
and I guess you could say she lived happily ever after
and she did …. until March 15 2001

In Loving Memory of Callie

Rest in Peace

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Your Family