Calvin by Linda Medina

Calvin was a demanding and tough old blue point Siamese cat.
He had huge blue eyes set in a cream and gray triangular
shaped face – rather other-worldly.
Calvin ran our household.
He was approximately 18 years old.
He told us when to get up in the morning with his very loud
and distinctive voice and what time to go to bed at night
(punctuated with a carefully placed claw if we attempted to ignore).
If something in the house was awry he would pace vocalizing
sounding very much like a loudly wailing infant making
sure everyone knew he was upset.

When we adopted two feral 4-week-old kittens he kept
watch through the cage and when they were ready to join
the household he kept watch taking on a very fatherly role
from bathing to discipline and allowing them to play with his tail.
It was a sight to behold as he was always fiercely protective
of his own turf around other adult cats.

Calvin was my step-cat for the last six years of his life.
When my little female cat and I first joined the household
Calvin made Tinker most miserable and it took over a year and
a half before they could tolerate each other and they never
did get exactly cozy.
Despite that Tinker has been blue since his passing.
He passed away June 3 2002.
His kidneys stopped functioning and attempts at treatment
were not working. He was suffering.
We all miss him.
It will take awhile for our household to adjust.
I expect him to remind me everyday about what I need to do.
And it is tough falling asleep at night without his decidedly
solid weight settled on my hip or back for a
good night’s sleep.



Linda Medina