Camelot by Tiffany Lazzareschi / Tiffany


I love you and always will… When I was first told I was never to be able to go down to Aunty’s and be able to hold you and hug you I was lost, my whole body went numb and I just wanted to run and run and never stop till I went to heaven and saw you again… Two years later I’m still lost and don’t know what to do.

It’s still as hard as it ever was to wake up every day and know you aren’t here with me to go to when I’m having a hard time with something, or for you to cheer me up… You never liked it when anyone was sad. You always tried to cheer them up… Even though you left me with memories no other animal could ever replace, I still miss you soo much… thinking back to the day I first rode you, to the day mom first brought you to the barn to surprise me… to the day you tought me how to canter, and taught me how to fall, and how to ride english… and of the course the time you took me around the barrels faster than I have ever gone, I see more in it now that I ever would have before…

I could NEVER put into words what you meant to me and mean to me now… or how much I miss you and wish you were here.. or how much, though not here on earth, I still love you to pieces and wish you were here with me…


Love you always!!
14, Mar 2004
Tiffany Lazzareschi