Cappuccino & Coca-Cola by Yvonne Zaugg / Mommy

(Yvonne Zaugg )

My Angels:

Cappuccino …. 08/10/1994 – 12/21/2002

Coca Cola …. 01/14/1995 – 12/21/2002

In Memory of my two babies, Cappuccino and his daughter Coca Cola who left for Rainbow Bridge this morning, after a long life filled with unconditional love.
I’ll never forget you!!!!!

Your bodies are at rest, your souls are free

In God’s warm care is where’ you’ll forever be.

Mommy loves and misses you so

I wish you never had to go.

I thank God that He gave me you

a bond so deep, a love so true.

The pain and emptiness I now feel in my heart

I wouldn’t trade a day – I’d do it again from the start.


Loving and Missing You Always,
Cappuccino & Coca-Cola
21, December 2002
Yvonne Zaugg