Casey by Linda / MammaLa

In May of 2000, I adopted Casey. My Mom passed away on that Sat. and I brought Casey home that afternoon. My Mother knew I needed someone to take care of after she passed and urged me to get a kitty to love. Casey was the oldest at the shelter at 10 yrs. and probably had the least chance of being adopted. She would have been close to my Mom`s age at that time. Mom died of diabetes. Who knew that, 5 yrs. later, Casey would pass of the same problem.

Case, as I called her, was a wonderful friend through all my life problems and was always there for me. Her love was unconditional. When I was upset, she would come to me purring and make me feel wanted and loved. Even when we found a stray, she accepted him and played with him as much as she could. In the last year, her health started failing and she had less and less strength and desire to play. Hiding under things in the dark was where she preferred to spend her time.
I felt so badly for her.

Her passing was a blessing for her and for me, also. I didn`t like to see the peppy kitty I adopted be so scared and sick. We buried her under the trees in our backyard with the bunnies and squirrels that she so loved. Life will be different without her but some things must be.
It`s painful but it`s life.


Love You Always, Casey.