Casey by Lisa Fox-Wise / Mommy

In Memory of Casey

Merry Christmas, Casey!

It was almost a year ago
that you had to leave me behind.
Thoughts of you are always with me,
you are always on my mind.

I hold you in my heart,
even though I can’t hold you in my arms.
Mommy loves you baby,
you are my lucky charm.

As Christmas comes this year,
I miss you so much more.
I find myself in the dog aisle,
when I wander through the store.

I want to fill your stocking,
and wrap some gifts for you.
I want to do all the things
you and I used to do.

The snow is falling outside
I remember how you even made that alright.
Mommy never felt cold outside,
when we had our snowball fights.

I pray you are O.K.
and I know you are with Jesus now.
I try so hard to let go, honey,
but Mommy just doesn’t know how.

Some day I will be with you again,
and hold you close to me.
I always told you you were my sunshine.
I need your light to see.

I love you Casey – Merry Christmas, baby!


I love you, baby.
2, Jan 2008
Lisa Fox-Wise