Casey by Michelle O’Connell / Michelle

My heart is heavy my eyes are wet I don’t know what to do.
Everywhere around me there’s memories of you.
I’ve got a thousand pictures on paper and in my heart.
I always knew there’d be a day when we would have to part.
My furry friend I’ve never known a love so loyal and true.
I know you’ll be in Heaven waiting for me to join you.
We’ve been together 13 years in good times and in bad.
To think of being without you hurts and makes me sad.
Your big brown eyes and cute black tongue, the sweet smell of your fur.
Your curly tail, the lion cuts, it all seems like a blur.
The way we used to chase each other around the house so fast.
I’ll always have those memories although those times have past.
Please save me a place in Heaven, dear friend and take a part of my heart.
And when I finally join you, we’ll never be apart.
No more aches and pains for you, God will restore your tired soul.
He will lay a gentle hand on you to heal and make you whole.
You’ll be there by the Rainbow Bridge with others having fun.
And when I finally get to you, you’ll be playing in the sun.
I hope you know I’ll come for you, just listen for my voice.
We’ll chase each other once again and forever we’ll rejoice!


I'll never forget you
25, June 2003
Michelle O'Connell