Casey by Tony & Traci / Mommy

My sweetest baby girl Casey,

It has been almost 10 months since you crossed the bridge and took a little piece of my heart with you. The holidays are coming up soon, and I can’t help but think about you and the last Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that we spent together.

I know that you are watching over Daddy & I, and Sam & Petey. I know that you also see Jack, the sweet little man that we brought into our home. I know you see me loving that little Wacko, and I hope you understand. He is a sweet and special dog that had such a difficult start to his life. I feel like you allowed us to open our hearts & our home to give this pup all the love and warmth he never had before.

I just wanted to write to you to tell you that I miss you sweet girl. I wish I could see your face again and smell your puppy smell. I wish I could throw the ball to you again and watch you run and jump for it like a crazy girl. Everytime we go to the park I remember when we used to take you.

Sammy still misses you – and even though he loves and accepts Jack he will never have the bond like he had with you. I promise I will try to be more patient with Sam as he gets older. I promise I will treat him with all the dignity he deserves in his senior years. Promise me that you will be waiting for him at the bridge, ready to welcome him when it is his time to cross. Knowing that you will be reunited makes me smile, because I know how happy that will make you both.

As the holidays approach, I just wanted to remind you how much I love you baby girl. The little things still make me cry, but you have done a wonderful job of easing my pain with your special memories.

I hope you are well. If you decide that I am worthy, please visit me in my dreams. Let me know that you are OK, and let me see that soft white chin of yours. Do one of your crazy little bouncy dances for me – that always did make me laugh.


Love you always
25, Jan 2005
Tony & Traci