KIWI by Matt and Robynn / Matt and Robynn

Our most loved baby, Kiwi,
left us yesterday after
almost 18 years of pure love on this Earth.

This is what I wrote yesterday:

The vets told us
she had a 1% chance of lasting 24 hours –
that was 10 days ago.

She was able to spend time with us
at home for almost 10 days.

She had felt better until Monday.

She got to lay in our bed,
have us take care of her 24/7 nearly,
feed her, give her water.

She got to sit in the Sun one day.

Most of all, she got to spend time
with us for over a week, and
we could tell her each day how much we love her.

We both held her this morning,
taking turns putting her
on top of our chests,
with a blanket on top –
and a heating pad on top of that.

She was fading this morning,
and we could all tell
it was time for her to move on
to a better place.

We brought her to the vet this morning,
as she was fading,
and said our goodbyes there.

I can tell you that this Cat, Kiwi,
was loved as much as any pet
was ever loved by two people –
and I know she is in a better place, and
that we will be with her again someday.


You will always be our Baby,
2, Nov 2005
Matt and Robynn