Casper by Crystal Plummer / Mom & Kayla

In memory Of Casper “Moms Boy” From your Family. My daughter wrote this poem
“My True Friend”
You were as white as snow. In my heart you will always glow. Deep down in you were my true hero but I never did let it show. You were my true friend. You still are in the end. You were just like a human & you knew you were to. All of this keeps playing in my mind through & through. Will I ever get this out Will I ever be ok. Hopefully I will someday. I will remember you all my long life. This is a mightmare that will never end. I see you in my mind, but then I think again. You have gone on to a better place, but in my heart and eyes I still see your beautiful face. I dont like this place its not the same cause in my mind all I can think of is your name. I will never forget you I just want you to know that I loved you like a brother. I Loved you with all my soul. You were my friend, my brother & like no other. No matter what I do deep down in my heart I know this world is the only thing that keeps us apart.
By: Kayla


Love ,
10, Jan 2005
Crystal Plummer