Cassie by Lonnie and Kay Burchfield / Your Family

We lost our beloved Cassie Jean today…. leaving behind her step sister Lily May and family. She had lost a lot of weight and her organs were shutting down. It was just time to say good-bye.
We came by Cassie when our son Dustin brought her home just barley old enough to ween from her mommy. She was born under a trailer next door to my fathers house, in the spring of 1995.
We had doubts she may survive.

She taught us all about living in spite of the odds she survived and thrived, recently she appeared to stop eating and drinking losing weight quickly. So we took her to the Vet. which was always her worst nightmare, you would have to outwit and out maneuver her. Boy if she had any idea she would head straight for her favorite hiding place out of reach and wouldn’t surface for hours. Once you got her into the carrier you would have to take it part to get her out. After her visit with the Vet. we discovered she had a large mass in her stomach that appeared to be attached possibly a large tumor and she had lost so much weight and was so weak the Dr. said she may not survive an operation and was not recommend at this time. She also appeared to have some possible thyroid problem also, but she hung in there and wasn’t giving up. She had the will to live like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Even thou she had to share the house with her step sister Lilly there were always some interesting moments when it came time to share her favorite spots and the platform on the sunny windowsill …. She never liked to have her tail touched….nor to be picked up this was a no-no. When she was ready for attention she picked the time, but she so loved to be loved and pampered then. After visiting me for her belly rub and rub down she would often visit my wife and stretch out beside her, waiting for my wife to pat the hind side of her butt and roll over wanting more until she was content. Must have been a fetish of hers. She did have a favorite toy she played with that was hand made by my son from a furry little ball with a piece of ribbon attached to it. She even use to fetch and hide it when she was thru playing.

She loved her Chicken and Ham and preferred to be hand feed, unlike Lilly whom never came to me for food Cassie would sit patiently for a small time. Then when she felt it had been enough time, she would raise up an paw at me as let me know hey did you forget about me. There would be occasions I had food I knew she would not eat, so all I had to do was just put my plate down so she could get a good look and sniff and she would go about her way. Every morning before leaving for work if I had cereal she was there waiting for the left over milk.

Cassie was our first cat and taught us how to care for cats and how to love cats. More importantly, she taught us about how wonderful it is to be loved by a cat. Cassie’s love and empathy was limitless. She was very independent and a one of a kind and will truly be missed us and her step sister Lily.

Cassie’s loving nature and strong will to live have given us ample reason to celebrate her life with joy. We are so honored and grateful to have shared our lives for so many beautiful years with Cassie, and even though she is gone from our home, she will always live on in our hearts and in the hearts of those whose good fortune it was to know her. She lived a good life. We held her as the last breath left her body, and she peacefully slipped away.


Loving You Always,
Lonnie and Kay Burchfield