Ceazar by Carole



January 9 1997 ----- September 22 1997

German Shepherd

That Shining Star….


Last night I saw a Star shining.

Many times I've gazed into the Heavens and

marveled at the myriad of shimmering lights

dusting the ebony blackness of infinity but,

last night I saw a Star shining brightly on its own.


Like the Star that led the Sages in a time gone by

this was a sign a sign my Dear Friend,

that you are traversing the Heavens to your new hunting ground.

Ceazar your brief time here on Earth is ended.


The wounds of that moment of confusion and pain

are healed unlike the wound inside at our sad parting.

May the Angels guard and guide you to Eternal Peace.

Last night I saw a Star shining in Heaven touching my heart.


Farewell God Bless you and keep you

'till we meet again

Dear Ceazar.



September 22.1997.©