Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.

Always wondering if I missed something could I have foreseen

your illness sooner and perhaps prevented it.

The love you gave me is immeasurable the joy you brought irreplaceable.

Did you understand that on that last day I didn’t want to set you free?

Are you happy and healthy now?

Is there really a greater place for you to run and play in?

Did God have a greater plan in mind for you when he took

you away from me?

I don’t know what God’s plan is regarding our loved “little ones”

but surely he meant for them to comfort us by giving the love and

loyalty that is lacking all too often in our fellow human beings.

If that is the case my life has been immeasurably brightened although,

like Camelot it was for an all too brief and shining moment.

Perhaps it is our duty to extend to other people that spark of

undiminished love we have been lucky enough to receive from our

so-called “dumb” animals.

It is said that time heals all however I don’t feel that I have healed at all.

There is no healing without you by my side.

I write to others who are grieving and I try to convey to them that

their beloved babies are spiritually always by their sides but am

I telling them the truth? I can help comfort others but I can’t comfort myself.

Did I give you peace because the night before you had an accident

or did I do it because the doctors told me that it was the only

humane thing to do? I didn’t blame you for having the accident my baby.

How could I? You tried to wake me to ask me to let you out but I

was just too tired.

The specialist and your own doctor told me that all that could be

done was done and that you only had a couple of days left.

You hadn’t eaten in so long that it just tore my heart out to see you this way.

When I lifted you up onto my lap I could feel your bones.

Your little body would shake with pain yet you still welcomed me

when I came home from work.

We had such wonderful times together you your beloved

companion Mac and myself.

We just didn’t have enough time – you only turned eight years

old a couple of weeks before. On your birthday I remember thinking

that you were now eight years old and then I remembered that we would

have at least another five to eight years together since you are

such a small little girl. When you first got sick I thought that it was just

your normal stomach upset and so did your doctor.

Little did we know that it was just the beginning of the end.

Always remember my precious baby that I will always love you.

You stole a piece my heart the day you made us a family and

that piece went with you when you went home my dear.

Till we meet again my beloved Celtic,

I will always hold you tenderly in my heart.

Noreen and Mac