Chalupa by Kathi Wolff / Mommy

If you only knew how much I love you,
and how very hard I tried,
how I wanted to heal your aching heart,
and how it hurt to say goodbye.
Mommy wanted so badly for you to see,
that no one would ever hurt you again.
Your pain and fear were too much to overcome,
and I was forced to bring it to an end.
No snuggles could make you forget
the one who hurt you so,
and I just couldn’t help you understand
all of the things I wanted you to know.
Things like how you stole my heart
from the moment I saw your gentle brown eyes,
and how I just knew we belonged together,
and how I always wanted you by my side.
Mommy’s heart is breaking so badly,
but you can’t lick the tears from my face.
And I can only pray to God that I did right,
and that you’re in a happier place.
There’s no more danger now, my baby boy.
The darkness that filled you subsides.
Mommy will see you in heaven, so wait for me.
Good night, my little boy, good night.


I love you always,
27, Jan 2003
Kathi Wolff