Chancey by mandi / momma

As I sit here feeling blue
I can’t help but remembering you.
As my tears fall today
I feel the same way
I felt when you passed away.
You went into the great sleep in my arms
so softly and gentel as you were in life.
You brought me great cheer my darling chancey
and I owe you a lot.
you were my best friend
when others where not.
I miss you more than words can say
and I love you more each day.
there isn’t a day that goes buy
that I don’t think of you and cry.
You where my sunshine on a cloudy day
with your memories you still are.
Just remember my snotty Rotty
I loved you not just to day but everyday.
Rest my sweet Chancey knowing
that you will aways be in my heart.
Thank you for being my Best Friend.


With all my love forever
11, Jan 2001