Charcoal by D’Amato’s / Daddy, Mommy and Ashley

Charcoal came into our lives quite by accident. We found him across the alley from where we live and every day he would appear waiting for our daughter to come out to give him milk and cat food. He eventually started hanging around our yard, and my husband built him a box to stay in on the front porch. Next we left him stay in the basement, then anywhere in the house he wanted to be because he had actually moved into our hearts in a short period of time. He was our baby cuddle kitty and would purr as soon as you touched him. I would always tell him how much I loved his “little purring motor”.

I would also tell him that I knew where he really came from, that God had dropped him from the sky for us to love and he wasn’t really a cat, but a “kitty angel”. He gave us so much joy and
love in the years that we had him.

His precious big green eyes showed us that he knew how very much we loved him. Up to his last breath, those green eyes showed us pure, unconditional love.

It was so hard to watch him go, but God wanted him back as his “Kitty Angel” once again; and we knew that he was ready to return to the Father that had created him. We are so thankful that God shared this precious angel with us for the time that we had him.


We will love you and miss you forever!