Karrie by Mark & Bonnie Punt / Daddy & Mommy

Karrie came to us thru a Rescue; she was abused, starved and hurting. She hated women and would only go to men. My husband being her favorite, it didn’t take him (a non-horse person I might add)to fall in love. She adored him; I was just a person who fed her and made sure she got turned out at nite to eat her fill of grass.

I tried so hard to make that horse like me, but she didn’t trust me one bit til my husband had to go out of town for 2 weeks; she then saw that I was not going to hurt her, and by the time he got back, she trusted me to do just about anything I wanted to w/her. She still only
had eyes for him tho.

Time went on and what we didn’t realize is there was more wrong w/our Baby girl that met the eye; she started limping. We had the Vet out and he confirmed our worse fear, her abuse and neglect had taken a toll on her she had an incurable hoof
desease that would only get worse w/time, but w/love and patience we could give her a few more good years as a buddy to my other horse.

On September 11 of this year we made the painful decision to end her suffering and let her go to where she would hurt no more. On September 13 we let our Baby girl cross the Rainbow Bridge to run free and gallop like she had not done in a very long time….

This precious horse taught me more about trust & patience than any human could ever do..and for 5
years she showed my husband a love that no human can ever imagine..He misses her so much as do I
but we are comforted by the fact that she is happy
and no longer hurting..

Run free Karrie Girl, you are and always will be Our Precious Baby Girl..


We Love You & Miss You so much,
Mark & Bonnie Punt